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Meet Keith & Learn About EMDR

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified EMDR Therapist.  I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice at Shippensburg University where I graduated Magna Cum Laude and as the Distinguished Military Graduate.  I served six years as a Commissioned Officer in the US Army and later spent eleven years in the private sector employed by behavioral health companies.  I earned a Masters in Social Work from Temple University, entered private practice and discovered EMDR after training in Forensic Interviewing and Neurolinguistic Programming.  As EMDR proved so rapidly and consistently effective, I evolved my practice to work in EMDR exclusively.

I later spent two years working as a therapist and administrator for an International Mission agency based in the UK.  While living, traveling and working in fourteen countries on five continents, I confirmed that EMDR is an effective intervention across cultures because trauma, depression, anxiety and PTSD are human conditions and EMDR is a mind-body intervention which doesn't require extensive talking sessions.  Through these experiences I learned this is why EMDR is popular and effective with both younger and older adults, military Veterans, and anyone who may not want to go into vivid detail describing unpleasant events from the past.  EMDR facilitates rapid healing in the privacy of one's own mind which the therapist gently guides while respecting boundaries.

In 2018 I became a Senior Executive Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University. This marked the culmination of my clinical and educational pursuits and I have been honored to have that experience and others which have made me the person and therapist I am today. As a psychotherapist, I am honored to serve all people as a continuation of the public service and mission work I have pursued in various capacities throughout my life and career.  I continue my clinical practice in offering EMDR virtually to clients all over North America and throughout the world. 


I am very happy to answer questions about EMDR or discuss your own situation if you are considering whether EMDR might be right for you. 


Feel free to contact me at 717-398-4079 or

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