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"I appreciated Keith's casual style which put me at ease and I recommend EMDR because it worked after just two sessions.  I spent years in therapy before, why didn't anyone tell me about EMDR?"      John Z
"I wasn't comfortable with the thought of discussing the rape I survived with a male therapist.  EMDR worked without me having to share all those details and Keith was very respectful and professional"           Sue M
"People keep saying 'Wow! What happened to you?  You're happy now!' and I just tell them to check out EMDR."                    
                                                       Scott P
"EMDR sounded sketchy to me honestly, but I was desperate so I tried it.  All I can say is it totally worked and I'm done with my problems.  Keith was great to work with."              
                                                         Alicia R
"Three years in group therapy and three years of talk therapy and nothing helped.  Only six EMDR sessions and my wife says it's like I finally came home from Iraq."
Alec Q
"It's really hard to explain how this works but all I can say is it really works. I don't know why I let my problems bother me for as long as they did but I'm finally free."                    
                                                    Amanda W
"The EMDR really worked and fast and I'm especially appreciative there are no records shared with insurance or anyone else."                    
                                                           Joe S
"Keith is polite and professional and was always on time.   I was SO nervous but he made it easy and non-invasive."                    
                                                     Debbie S
"I lived through a terrible industrial accident over 20 years ago and suffered with horrible anxiety ever since.  Medication and counseling never helped. EMDR did. 
Bob M
"Keith said during EMDR I would not have to share anything that was very embarrassing from my past and he kept his word which I totally appreciated. Keith is top notch."                                          Barbara O
"I appreciated that Keith was up front in making sure I knew I could get EMDR free from the VA but I wanted the privacy."          
                                                        Rowan R
"I really appreciated Keith's approach to dealing with the anxiety I had about exploring this therapy which was new to me."                    
                                                       Karen M
"Ever since my own EMDR with Keith, I've been telling everyone I know about it because it's the first thing that truly worked."                    
                                                           Bill E
"I've been through a few therapists because I don't like being judged.  Keith is totally clinical and objective and knows what he's doing."                    
                                                       Kevin D
"It was exactly like he said in my first appointment, directly to my issues and no waste of my time or money. It works!."         
                                                       Sara S
"I'm a private person so really didn't want to have to see someone for help.  I was skeptical but Keith really let me keep my stuff confidential and I still had healing."                                             Jody T
Client Comments & Reviews
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