Live Chat, Telephone or Video Counseling Available

 4 Options for Virtual Support


1) Monthly Coaching or Counseling Support

2) Single Issue EMDR "Package Option"


3) Single EMDR Therapy Session (for established clients only)


4) Unlimited Monthly Virtual Counseling, Coaching or Therapy

#1: Monthly Coaching or Counseling Support:  


Includes email support in which you can email me as often as you like and I will provide a weekly response with observations, suggestions, self-completion assignments, and other cognitive behavioral support. This option also includes a 30 minute video talk therapy session.


($100 per month nonrecurring)




#2: Single Issue EMDR - PACKAGE  Option:

All meetings and EMDR sessions are completed virtually by video and the sound protocol which you control following therapist directions.  I am presently facilitating EMDR virtually with clients on six continents worldwide and have found this to be every bit as effective as traditional office practice.  The virtual EMDR package includes:

30 Minute Assessment Session - Video Session to determine the nature of your concern, identify appropriate trigger or target topic;

30 Minute EMDR Prep Session - practice session to work out any technical complications, establish a relaxation baseline with instructions for therapy session; 


90 Minute EMDR Therapy Session - Complete protocol EMDR therapy session following all steps and process as you would normally experience in a traditional office setting;


30 Minute Reassessment Session - Follow-up session to determine impact of EMDR therapy session, whether treatment issue is fully or partially resolved, and whether any further EMDR may be desired or necessary.

 ($225 for the four sessions outlined above)


#3: Single EMDR Therapy Session:


This is for clients already established with Keith for additional single virtual EMDR therapy sessions.

($100 per session)







#4: Unlimited Virtual Counseling / Coaching / Therapy:

For those outside the South Central Pennsylvania region or for those preferring virtual support, I also offer live chat, telephone or video-based psychotherapy through 

This is an unlimited service available 24 hours per day and at a rate of $40 to $70 per week regardless of number of sessions, billed monthly. Consult the website for more information.



If you have any questions about this or anything else, you can also submit those through the email contact below which is free of charge.

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