Benefits of Virtual Counseling



No awkward moments in waiting rooms, or seeing people you might know in a parking lot.


Research has shown clients feel a higher level of comfort meeting from their own location of familiarity and security and may actually participate more earnestly resulting in better therapeutic impact



Time saved traveling to an office or reserving office time also means far more flexible and accommodating scheduling for your personal convenience

Far safer physically when not having to travel during inclement weather or if you're uncomfortable driving after dark.

Psychologically safer for you meeting from your own comfortable location especially if you're "nervous" about therapy.


Safer for your personal health with no worries about catching a cold or flu.


Planning business travel, a vacation, leaving for college or relocating permanently? No problem as your therapist is available to you regardless of your global location.

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If you have any questions about this or anything else, you can also submit those through the email contact below which is free of charge.

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No need to find the office location or waste time & expense traveling back and forth to your appointments


1) Complete EMDR "Package Option"  

                           ($360 discounted to $240)

                         For NEW clients only

     includes 60 minute Assessment;

90 minute EMDR & 30 minute Reassessment

2) Single EMDR Therapy Session

                         ($240 discounted to $160)

              For established clients only

           includes 90 minute EMDR

         & 30 minute Reassessment

3) Monthly Coaching or Counseling Support 

                ($600 normal total hourly fees discounted to $300)

                   includes 4 video appointments

    in 4 to 6 weeks of which two could be EMDR

4) Single (30 Minute) Video Consultation 


5) Single (60 Minute) Video Consultation 


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