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New Client Appointment

New Client - Assessment Appointment

For NEW Clients Only


The First Appointment for New Clients is the Assessment & Orientation which includes:


Assessment Appointment (45 mins - $90)

To determine if EMDR is right for you or to just get started with therapy, we need to complete an Assessment appointment where I take a brief psychosocial history to better understand you and your present concerns. I will introduce you to EMDR therapy and demonstrate how this is facilitated virtually. I then take time to explain the EMDR modality which includes an introductory relaxation exercise. Finally, I provide a complete overview of the contents of the EMDR therapy process to provide you with a full awareness of what to expect from start to finish and I can answer any questions you may have as we determine how EMDR can best resolve your concerns.

Following the Assessment & Orientation, we get right into EMDR Therapy so the next two appointments will be scheduled after the Assessment appointment and include:

 EMDR Therapy Appointment (75 mins - $150)

The EMDR Therapy session is where the comprehensive therapy process takes place and this is the appointment which many clients who have done traditional talk therapy previously will say things like: "One EMDR Session was the equivalent of a year's worth of weekly one hour talk sessions." Clients are often surprised by all that the mind is capable of and how much therapeutic healing takes place in just one session.


Reassessment Appointment (15 mins - $30)

The Reassessment is scheduled a week after the EMDR session with the purpose to the outcome of the EMDR session and determine if the issue of concern has been fully resolved or whether or not any further EMDR is indicated. There will definitely be results by this session and we then discuss all changes noticed and where we want to go therapeutically from that point. For many clients, this is all that's required and they conclude treatment after this session. Some clients may do an additional EMDR session or a few depending on how many other issues they may identify which EMDR can resolve.

If you have any questions about this or anything else, you can also submit those through the email form contact below.

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