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EMDR is the right choice for you if you're like so many people who have discovered that talk or traditional methods just haven't helped. Ask yourself the following questions.... 

1. Would you like to avoid months of traditional talk therapy?

2. Have you been in therapy "forever," wrestling with the same old problems?


3. Do you want to get to the root cause of chronic symptoms?


4. Are you losing productivity at home or at work because of stress or anxiety?


5. Are you still feeling depressed or lonely, despite the practice of positive thinking?


6. Are you angry all the time, and don't know why?


7. Have phobias limited your life, despite your best efforts to overcome them?


8. Have you tried cognitive therapies only to find emotions controlling your life?


9. Do you want to calm the chaos of self-defeating thoughts, feelings, and behaviors?


10. Do you want to reduce stress and its impact on your physical health?


  • It's NOT just for trauma!

  • It's NOT talk therapy

  • Saves months or years of therapy

  • Stops the past influencing your present

  • Results after just one session

  • Research proven effectiveness

  • Endorsed by multiple federal healthcare agencies

Why Virtual?

  • Worldwide Availability!

  • Safe Environment for client

  • Saves you travel time

  • Saves you travel cost

  • HIPAA Compliant Video

  • No awkward waiting rooms

  • Much higher privacy

  • Continuity if you move or travel

  • Virtual is the new standard

  • Success with clients on six continents!

Why Low Cost?


  • Treatment is short-term

  • Often just one or two sessions (compared to 15 or 20 in talk therapy)

  • Saves months to years of traditional therapy

  • Statements available for insurance reimbursement

  • Medical Savings Accounts accepted

  • Credit Cards accepted

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