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If you're looking for help to resolve the things you wish you could get over but you just can't, then EMDR is the right choice and one that will save you considerable time and expense in traditional talk or similar therapy approaches.


EMDR will get right to the root of your issues, whether it's anxiety, trauma, phobias, confidence issues, people pleasing, CPTSD, narcissistic abuse, or many other issues which are all too common today, EMDR is the effective difference you need.

EMDR is a carefully researched protocol endorsed by all the major health systems and accrediting bodies because it is proven so highly effective. You will typically notice considerable improvement in what's bothering you in as little as just one or two therapy sessions.


I imagine you're here because you're tired of suffering and I definitely understand that. I recognize that it takes courage and effort to reach out for help and that's why I always respond promptly and sincerely to assure you the friendly, competent, and professional service you'll need to complete your journey to wellness and happiness - which I'm looking forward to with you! 

EMDR UT Region
Keith A. Welsh, LCSW
Certified EMDR Therapist


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, have practiced EMDR on five continents, and find this therapy to be the most effective protocol of all my clinical tools.


I love helping people, will enjoy meeting you and I am honored by your trust and confidence. Trauma, anxiety, depression, and related conditions are universal human experiences and I am thankful to have discovered EMDR early in my career as I am amazed at how it has set so many people free from their troubles. EMDR is truly an amazing modality that I have seen prove highly effective across cultures and continents.

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