EMDR Therapy



EMDR can help you desensitize the issues from your past, and disempower the "inner-demons" robbing your life of its full potential. When past traumas are resolved, many people experience a renewed life, feeling resilient and ready to experience a higher quality of life and happiness on their own terms, no longer controlled by issues from the past.

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The majority of clients seeking EMDR do so because of testimonials they've heard from friends or family members.  Often from seeing someone who has struggled a long time and then seeing them set free without spending months or a fortune on traditional talk therapy.



Treatment is short-term, often just a few sessions, so I do not participate in insurance but my hourly fee is comparable to most out-of-pocket behavioral health insurance copays.  I also accept credit cards and offer a military discount to Veterans and Service Members.

Certified EMDR Therapist
Keith A. Welsh, LCSW


I am a military Veteran and licensed clinical social worker, have practiced EMDR on five continents, and find this therapy to be the most effective protocol of all my clinical tools. Trauma, anxiety, depression, and related conditions are universal human experiences and EMDR is truly an evidenced based approach that has proven highly effective across cultures and continents.

EMDR Therapy

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